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Managed CDN Hosting

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If you are looking to speed up your website or applications, then are you are in the right place. We call it Managed CDN because we can support you all the time fixing your website speed problems. We will create a CDN account for you and configure your domain and website panel.

Fix the website speed

We help you with configurations

We will configure your website and domain in order to load from CDN speed. Within minutes your website will have an amazing performance every time. The configurations can we done on any website platform such as Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Squarespace, Drupal, Shopware etj.

Enjoy and relax

Not just faster but also safer

After optimizing your website through CDN, you will enjoy not only the fast loading speed, but also the safety from malicious crawlers and spamming. The images can be protected that can not be shared into other domains, just on your domain and website. You will notice increase in SEO results.

 Speed up beyond limits your website with highest performance. 

Never make your users wait again

All the features that you need we can provide. 

NVMe+ SSD Servers

Optimize delivery and reduce latency with top of the line AMD and NVMe hardware.

Scalable By Design

Maximize your growth and expansion without care with a 80 Tbps+ network.

Tier 1 Global Network

Connect directly to your users with over 3000 ISPs and 14 Tier 1 transit providers. Anywhere.

Stay Protected

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Flexible Pricing

You can start with a simple plan and really test the limits of your CDN server, then upgrade.

Our support

We use a ticket system support. You simply send us an email and we reply accordingly to you.


How you can get support?

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