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Delivery Tracking app

Track and Trace anytime

We have prepared a ready made platform for those business managers that handle delivery tracking in their companies. The platform gives logins permissions to managers, inventory staff, drivers, and others in order to manage the delivery of the products. 

Real Time location

It uses Google Maps real time location

Each driver that is on the way to the customer, can be traced in real time with integrated Google Maps view. The administrators are able to see which path are their drivers following to go to the client's location. All reports are done in real time and accurately.

Mobile Sign

Customer signs when receiving

Once the driver brings the package at the destination, then the customer can sign through his fingers directly at the mobile device of the driver. Automatically the signed notification will notify the administrators that the package was delivered properly.

 Delivery Tracking app for delivery companies. 

The delivery tracking and tracking systems have an intuitive platform that simply details a complete view of shipping to delivery points. The administrator can identify all the components that influence the delivery process: pauses, returns, route, progress, etc. The system also allows the monitoring of drivers, checking stop times, number of breaks and many other components that influence transportation.

▶ It tracks drivers and stops by time.
▶ Integrated with Google Maps.
▶ You can self-host the application
▶ Offered as managed cloud Sass ready.
▶ Unlimited PC and mobile users
▶ Mobile apps for each user
▶ Can be connected to any ERP

Cloudcase offers a unique delivery and tracking application. It is based on user roles such as ADMIN, MANAGER, DRIVER, CLIENT, DEALER, etc. Each role can have different access into their respective user panel.
Cloudcase Delivery Tracking application can be connected with Google Maps to show the drivers in real time where are they and which path they followed to go to the destination. When the delivery is done at the client, then the client can sign digitally for confirming the delivery.


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