Can be 3D-Vista media optimized without losing quality?

High resolution 3D Vista videos streamed without buffering!

  Sample 3D Vista exported project with high quality 4k videos streaming3D-Vista Sample project

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You can store the videos at the highest quality within 3D Vista environment. You do not need to reduce the quality before importing into 3D Vista. Once you keep the original resolution within 3D Vista, then the exporting of the project will be faster, because 3D Vista does not convert real resolution videos.

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Once you have exported your project from 3D vista, you need to make as compressed Zip file. Then you can fill the form below in order to test for free for 3 days. We will convert your project for free into a project that is hosted into CDN server with high loading speed. We will not share your works.

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After converting your project into a CDN hosted version, we will send you the public URL by email. This way you can really test and see how the project appears. Rest assured that the project files will not be shared with any third parties. After 3 days the data will be deleted automatically from the host.

 3D Vista Projects media optimization with the highest quality.

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You can upload large project files but it is best if you can compress the 3D Vista exported project files as Zip format. Other formats are accepted such as Winrar etc. If you would like to share the project files from a remote URL like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, BOX etc, then you can paste the sharing link at the additional notes. If your shared link is protected by login, please provide also the login details. It is possible that you can share through FTP account from own server/host, just provide the FTP account login details too. If there is no way to share for some reason, we can also help on special cases, to contact you directly and work together on your project. 

There is no catch to be frank, but we are 3D Vista developers too. It is crucial for you to know that optimizing 3D Vista videos at highest resolution is very important for you at the eyes of your clients. At the same time optimizing must not be expensive as you want to get more profits and make the client happy for as long as possible. As we share the same experiences, we dedicated this service for all 3D Vista users to not get frustrated anymore with their projects quality. We simply have worked hard and spent countless hours listen and consult with many 3DV fellows' ideas and achieve the best results. We are proud to finally bring you the most advanced technology at your hands. You can freely try our optimizing technique for 3 days and see by yourself the performance that is promised. If you feel not right and the project does not perform as you think, then after 3 days the projects are deleted automatically from our servers. This service is operated under Austrian laws about privacy policies and individuals data protection. We strictly follow and honestly protect your rights.

We will inspect your project file, usually we check your "media" folder for videos. Then take those videos and optimize them. your project files will reduce in size a lot, let's say if your whole project is 5GB, then after optimizing will be just 10-20MB. The reason behind this is that CDN servers absorb that size into the cloud servers, so statically your project will be reduced to just html, js, css and images. We offer also image optimizing too, if you would like. To reduce more the project files to even 2-5 MB in total. Once the project is optimized, we will send you the public link from our server, so you can see live and will send you a download link of your new project files. The new project files will not contain videos anymore as they are registered in our cloud servers for up to 3 days as free trial. 

Once we optimized your 3D Vista projects, we will notify you with an email and from that moment starts your 3 days free trial. Within the email you will see the public URL for your project preview and also a link to download your optimized project as zipped file. If you want us to delete your project data before 3 days, simply contact us at any time.

We will optimize your 3D Vista project files within 24-48 hours and notify you with an email.

The optimized project is sent to you as Zipped format and you can use the project within your localhost, your online shared server, or other VR devices, smartphone apps like Android and iOS, etc. Project files are yours to do as you like. Just keep in mind the projects work only on devices that are connected to internet.

No, as the videos are stored on cloud servers for the time being and can not play offline. The device that runs/plays the projects must be connected to the internet.

Of course, that is the whole idea. If you want to speed up your high quality videos, we can help you optimize just videos or images as per your request all for free, up to 3 days. After 3 days you need to subscribe to one of our hosting plans or the files will be just deleted.

We have tried 3D Vista projects with video resolution quality up to 16k 360 VR videos so far. Regardless of the devices that were used by the users, there isn't a quality or speed lag during playing the projects. You will not notice a lag even with slower internet connections. There might be for few seconds a blurred view for very low internet speeds, but that is to be expected. Our servers will calculate the internet speed of the users and adjust to proper quality. Normally we have changed our servers' configuration for the best qualities starting from 720p, 1080p, 2k, 4k, 8k and 16k. 

Why not, and we know as 3D Vista fellows, you need a lot of host space/storage. We offer the best price in the market. Please check below the price calculator and choose the right plan for you. We really are optimistic that you will find the right hosting service. We do not offer you just the hosting plans, we offer you also our experience, solving problems when you need. You can host the projects with us and ask us questions for your 3D Vista projects as well. We are happy to assist, share and get new ideas with you. Feel free to share your concerns while using our service. You will never pay us for asking questions and we will never ask you for paying us for what information we share with you. We are not straight 3D Vista support staff and we are not affiliated with them, we simply are users of 3D vista as you are.

Yes, the loading speeds are depending on your customer location as well. We can set up the mirroring servers according to your country preference. When you submit the form please write your countries of request so we can activate them.
By default the EU countries are chosen.

No, we know how important is the data privacy and according to Austrian laws, we do not share your projects even if you give us the consent. We only upload the videos on our rented servers which are purchased by us and we manage it. If you start a paid plan then you will have an access to the hosting server and manage yourself the whole data. In case you need more help on your project, of course we will help you working on your high performance server without troubles.

Yes, we will remove your project files and media files, including videos, images and whatever you gave us. In the future you can come back to us and we will happy to open a new account for you.

Yes, rest assured that we can help you completely free of charge. We have tried to make this form very easy for everyone, but in case you might night help, surely you can send us an email and we will gladly support you.


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