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Need help with VR Tours, CDN or Cloud Hosting?

Consulting Virtual reality Tours
VR Tours consulting services

We offer consultation and support on building virtual reality tours and shop applications. We can discuss on panoramic photos, videos and 360 videos, how to optimize them and improve drastically the load time when published online.

We will show you which platform to use on your project idea, how users can go through the virtual tour and progress on different hotspots, such as warehouses, museums, shopping centers, etc.

VR Shopping is best idea for the time and we can show you the path how to achieve it, from marking products, adding to cart, checkout, payment method and after-sale management.

Our virtual applications are compatible with desktop, mobile, smart tv and VR glasses.

CDN consulting services
CDN consulting services

We advice you to go for content delivery network (CDN) servers as their capabilities are enormous in daily apps. We can guide you which option to use for the right idea that you have. CDN can support streaming, storage, online courses, video privacy from piracy, more bandwidth, high performance databases, automatic workers/web sockets, scripting apps, improve SEO drastically, etc. You can boost your application or website with CDN performance.

Amazon AWS Cloud consulting services
Amazon AWS Cloud consulting services

You must consider Amazon AWS high performance servers for your heavy projects. We are the right team to discuss about it and we will share with you our experience we gathered all these years. We can guide you setting up the right plan, the right needed options at the best price. We can suggest you also how to get 24 hours support for free. Rest assured that you will get the right information about managing Amazon AWS.

Google Cloud consulting services
Google Cloud consulting services

Google cloud services are complicated and difficult to choose the right capacity, performance, disk size, price, etc. We will guide you to choose the right configuration and set up monthly costs at a minimum. You will be surprised from the performance and easiness that Google server have. It is not just experience, but also a professional level for an advanced technology.


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