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Meet Erjon Galanxhi

Started his student passive job at 18, in a computer repair shop near the neighborhood. It was his task to gather the right parts from a pile of computer parts scraps and build/assemble into usable computers for sale. That pushed him into studying engineering. Erjon Galanxhi has a Master in Electrical Engineering in 2006 and 4 years studies in General Physics.  Based in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria, Erjon brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the world of CAD Engineering and web development.

First Steps into cameras
First steps

The journey started since 2006 getting into the market installing CCTV surveillance systems, burglar alarms, fire protection detecting systems, computer networks maintenance, computer aided designs etc. Each system had to work and maintained as best as possible, in order to achieve customer safety and satisfaction. The visual quality had to be as clear as possible in order to identify any shape in real time when moving. That is the foundation of a wealthy knowledge carried until today.

Engineering Projects
Engineering projects

Numerous engineering projects are done through Autocad, 3D Max, Revit in order to present to the customers the final 2D and 3D rendered objects such as schools, kindergartens, dormitories, rural buildings, industrial constructions, mechanical metal works, electrical schematic diagrams, municipality projects and many others in a long list. That brought a strong knowledge from 2D / 3D modeling to near reality. 

About Cloudcase Web Developing
Web Developing

Started web development since 2001 by completing several courses in HTML, CAD Design, Photoshop, MS Excel, basic PHP, IT cisco networking. Worked with online shops, which was in its infancy and not so many ready-made platforms to choose, but tested for months Magento, OpenCart, CS-CART, etc. It was hard to find all needed functionalities "in the box". So it was needed to learn to develop by coding mainly in PHP, MySQL and later in Javascript.

Teaching Autocad and web design

From 2007-2009 was teaching evening classes at professional training centers. The main were topics of AutoCAD for engineers and architects, also Web Development for new graduated students from informatics, computer science or private individuals until young ages with aspirations to become developers in the future. Though teaching others, it was a challenge to face questions and find solutions for many different cases brought by students. It was needed to accomplish also projects that were given from other instructors of the students' own school or university.

About Cloudcase Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting

After developing many applications and web shops, the experience had a limit with shared servers and dedicated severs. Google and Bing crawlers were demanding faster load page speed, fast load of css and Javascript files, so the only way was to upgrade to high performance servers.  Since 2015 started to develop applications and ecommerce sites by increasing speeds with CDN, Amazon and Google Cloud servers. 

cloudcase.eu representative
Virtual Reality tours and shops

Long time experience with web shops at hands, is useful to build virtual reality tours and shops. It has started a new trend in the market that many users will ask for more and more VR Tours. We have studied the best cases to optimize and host virtual reality applications with the highest standards such as 4k, 6k, 8k and up to 16k. We know which is the right hosting service for hosting the right virtual reality too. As the ideas and studies done are learned from many developers, we have made Cloudcase the one-go service to bring the best quality to the customers.


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